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League Play FAQ


What leagues do CVSC teams play in?

Most CVSC teams play in the Archdiocese of Baltimore Soccer Program (ABSP) (primarily Catholic schools), which offers games seasonally in the Fall.  We also have teams playing year-round in the Central Maryland Soccer Association (CMSA) and Elite Development Program Soccer (EDP) league. CMSA and EDP are more competitive and require greater commitment from players and parents.


What age group options does CVRL offer?

If we have a coach and enough players to form a team, we will do so - at the clinic/academy stage through league play.  We currently have league teams ranging from U8 through U18.


What is the time commitment league play?

During the season, most teams practice twice on weeknights and a game on the weekend.  In the Fall, boys generally play Saturdays and girls on Sundays.  In the Spring, games are on Sundays for both. For the younger teams, the coach and parents may decide on one day.  However, the teams they play against are practicing at least two days a week.


The first game of the Fall season starts the weekend after Labor Day, the last around Thanksgiving.  There are Labor Day, mid-season and end of season tournaments that teams may elect to participate in. Coaches make those determinations in consultation with parents.  


Games are approximately an hour until 7th grade/U13. Factor in approximately 30 minutes to get to any given game, and arrival 20 minutes prior to a game for warm-ups.

What's the minimum age for travel/league play?

If we can find a coach and have enough skilled, focused players, we could field a team as young as 7 in the CMSA.  


Age 8 is typically the minimum age for playing U8 in the ABSP.  If a 7 year old is ready skill and maturity wise we can see about placing them on a team.  That is a joint decision between the coach and parents.


How far away are league games?

The majority of games, ABSP and CMSA, are usually not more than 30 minutes away.  All are generally around the Baltimore Beltway. As the teams age up, the games can be up to an hour+ away.

When are tryouts held?

Tryouts for fall teams are held in late May.  For winter and spring teams, the coaches that chose to continue into the season will extend invitations to individual players.  If you are interested in helping in any way, please do volunteer!

How are teams formed?

League Play teams are typically of two varieties, ones that plan to play year round and ones that play in the fall with optional winter and spring seasons based on coach availability and player interest.   CVSC tries to identify head coaches as early as May for the Fall season, which is our start to the soccer year, and it is often the case that a head coach will decide to only coach the Fall season. 


In some cases, a team parent or assistant coach will pick it up and have the team or some part of the team play in the Winter or Spring seasons.  We usually have a team option for every player who signs up u10 to u14 Fall play, though leagues do limit roster sizes.


Spring tends to be a slow season for CVSC as it competes with baseball and lacrosse.  We provide support for coaches that want to play in Winter and Spring but leave it to them to recruit players.  If you have not been approached, please reach out to CVRL at, provide your player’s name and birthdate and we will see if the coach has room or will offer a tryout.

Do the teams play in tournaments?

CVRL encourages coaches to enter their teams into seasonal tournaments.  At the younger ages, there are enough tournaments in central Maryland for our teams to attend. There are Labor Day, mid-season and end of season tournaments in the Fall, as well as Spring and Summer tournaments.  Older teams may elect to go further afield.  Coaches make those determinations in consultation with parents.  The cost for participation - approximately $75 per player, is an additional cost.  Team managers are a huge benefit to teams that want to play in tournaments. Please consider volunteering.

How is playing time determined?

CVRL believes that true learning comes by playing games, thus all rostered players should see time on the field.  The guidance we provide our coaches is that they should provide equitable playing time, allowing those more skilled, focused, and better conditioned players to have more on-field time. All players should have a minimum of 10 minutes a half.

Are teams at the League Play level co-ed?

In any of the available leagues, girls can be rostered on boys teams but boys cannot be rostered on girls teams.

Is there an opportunity for more play that is not travel?

The spring Skills and Scrimmages sessions were designed for those League Play (travel) aged players whose Fall League Play (travel) team has elected not to play in the spring season or for those that didn’t play in the fall to be on a team.   CVRL is an all volunteer organization and relies on its volunteers/parents to make its programs happen.  If there are parents of players playing in the Skill Sessions who wish to take on the initiative to do more with the players, we will support this, like a tournament or additional practices.

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